Event Video Production Trends for 2024

Event Video Production Trends for 2024

We know how important event films are for 2024’s virtual and in-person guests. Avoiding video production blunders in planning, recording, equipment, interaction, and more is key to delivering interesting event material. Your 2024 event films will engage and excite viewers by using immersive technology, sustainable production, hybrid event coverage, innovative editing, and optimum formats. This post covers the best event video methods and solutions to make your material stand out.

Immersive Experiences with 360° Videos

Event video production companies may create immersive participant viewpoints using 360-degree cameras. 360 technology lets spectators see major event moments, sessions and exhibits from a variety of dynamic perspectives during replay. Attendees learn more and engage better with on-screen material and remote viewers. 360 event films connect and buzz more personally than standard footage at hybrid events and when presenting highlights.

Immersive Experiences with VR and AR

Leading event video production companies are considering adding VR and AR to their footage to increase immersion. Imagine guests using VR headsets to navigate a 3D reproduction of the venue and exhibitors, or 3D product models placed onto actual locations. These immersive technologies have great potential to create unforgettable and shareable event videos, even if they are still new. VR and AR wow-factors generate word-of-mouth marketing and dominate social discussions between virtual and real participants before, during, and after events.

Sustainability and Green Initiatives

Event attendees demand and reward green companies as climate change and sustainability become more important. Event video production companies 2024 video production teams will highlight event efforts surrounding sustainable procurement, carbon offsets, zero waste systems, donation campaigns, and other environmental activities in discrete parts. Promoting the event helps in attracting eco-conscious audiences. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility videos boost brand image and loyalty year-round.

Hybrid Event Videos

In 2024, hybrid events will continue to thrive with video production teams. Teams may effortlessly broadcast keynotes, breakout sessions, and more via personalized web portals for distant participants using dedicated studios and equipment. Post-event editing creates social videos of the most memorable moments. Video uniquely helps hybrid events engage distant participants with travel limitations while keeping access for at-home attendees. For sponsors and organizers, hybrid video expands event reach and shows continuous impact despite changing tastes.

Live Streaming Continues to Thrive

Video’s ability to link distant audiences despite recent limitations means participants demand always-on access and dynamic material from events in 2024, even from home. Professional video teams covering high-profile events must improve multi-camera productions and streaming redundancy to avoid tech breakdowns and overcrowded servers. Missed keynotes risk alienating online viewers. Interactive elements like live chat layers and polling questions in the stream help organizers engage virtual players. Visitors seeking an “in-person” glance reliable, imaginative livestreams.

AI-Driven Editing

Intelligent video editors can automate many post-processing processes thanks to AI. Transcription, sound balance, color correction, and sentiment analysis to find promo snippets are few examples. AI-powered editing streamlines event footage so highlights and recap films reach people quicker when enthusiasm is high. This highlights cutting-edge latest event video trends that keep video production professionals on top. While professional editors still require guidance, AI frees them to create content that entertains and converts across platforms.

Short-Form Videos for Social Media

Video teams know guests use Instagram, and other channels for bite-sized entertainment. That involves making 60-second vertical feed and mobile-optimized videos. Short social films with single themes and strong hooks for digitally-native demonstrations work well for event summaries, eye-catching visuals, and behind-the-scenes moments. Leading Nashville video production companies like NPDTV use these newest formats and distribute across top channels to meet current audiences’ accessibility and time needs. The outcomes grab notice quickly in crowded platform feeds.

Stay Ahead with NPDTV

NPDTV has led event video production for over 20 years, staying ahead of technological advances to provide customers cutting-edge solutions. We use 360° video and artificial intelligence to create exciting new event material for each organization’s audience and objectives. By learning new methods and investing in cutting-edge technology, NPDTV helps partners to embrace “what’s next” and avoid frequent video production pitfalls. Contact us now to see how our top Nashville video production team can enhance your next event.


By using immersive technology such as 360° video and AI-automated editing, event video production ushers in a fresh wave of innovation and creativity in the year 2024. With more and more events moving toward hybrid models, video is becoming more important in bringing together remote and in-person participants. Organizers can captivate audiences despite the virtual clutter by teaming up with top Nashville video production studios like NPDTV and using cutting-edge techniques and event video editing trends in interaction, sustainability, and optimum formats. The first step in avoiding typical video blunders is to assemble a team whose primary goal is to turn innovative skills into measurable financial success for the company. Unlock your competitive advantage with personalized event video solutions. Let’s talk about it.

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