How to Play Mobile Legends

How to Play Mobile Legends


Developed by Moonton, Mobile Legends is a gripping MOBA game that has gained worldwide attention from players. It was released in July 2016 to immediate success, particularly in Southeast Asia.

In this mythological setting, players assume the roles of legendary heroes and engage in three lanes of real-time combat. The game has 7 tiers to its ranked system, with Warrior being the lowest achievement and Mythic being the greatest. Additionally, top-ups and diamond pins allow you to advance through higher levels, giving you an enhanced game experience.

Gameplay Mechanics of Mobile Legends

The combat in this MOBA game takes place in three lanes in Normal mode and one lane on Brawl mode. All of the lanes have distinct characteristics, so you must traverse them wisely.

However, the environment is also vital. You have to pay special attention to topographical features, shrubs, and jungle regions since these might impact your sight and movement, as well as present a potential for ambushes.

Roles and Heroes

MLBB offers six distinct hero roles for you to choose from:

  • Tank – Frontline protectors with high durability,
  • Marksman – Ranged attackers dealing significant damage,
  • Assassin – Quick and deadly heroes skilled at eliminating enemies,
  • Fighter – Versatile warriors combining offense and defense,
  • Mage – Spellcasters with powerful magical abilities,
  • Support – Heroes who assist teammates with healing, crowd control, or buffs.

Top-Up Mechanism

To get exclusive access to skins and heroes, you have to top-up your account. There are 2 reliable options to top up your game:

1. In-Game Shop

The most straightforward way to obtain Mobile Legends diamonds is through the in-game shop. Because it is built within the game, the procedure is smooth.

2. U7BUY Top-Up Mechanism

As a Mobile Legends player, you have another reliable option for topping up your in-game currency – U7BUY. The site allows the recharge for every region, with personalized packages. To top up ML, you can choose from a variety of diamond packages to suit your needs and enjoy swift delivery of your purchased diamonds. As a trusted platform for gamers, U7BUY ensures secure transactions, giving you peace of mind.

Mobile Legends Diamond Pins:

Mobile Legends Diamond Pins are digital prepaid codes designed exclusively for Mobile Legends gamers like yourself. These handy pins allow you to easily top up your in-game credits, commonly referred to as Diamonds.

With these Diamonds in your possession, you’ll have the power to unlock all sorts of premium content. You can use them to style your character, equip your hero with eye-catching skins, and access valuable rewards and passes.

To buy Mobile Legends diamond pin, you can go to a trusty site like U7BUY. They have reasonable prices, starting from as low as $1. If you want to go higher, they even allow you to buy 12000 diamond pins at once.


To summarize, Mobile Legends provides an engaging MOBA experience that has garnered gamers from all around the world. From understanding basic principles to acquiring in-game resources, this game offers an exciting challenge that rewards thinking strategically and collaborating as a group. Furthermore, when it comes to simply topping up your Diamonds, U7BUY-type platforms will provide you with a solution that guarantees a seamless and secure top-up experience, ensuring that your Mobile Legends journey continues to shine today.

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