Don’t Stay Calm if You are Sexually Harassed at Your Workplace

Sexual harassment is a real and serious matter in all organizations. Despite several rules and laws, such incidents do happen in offices. Many employees don’t report them because they are afraid of the society and losing their jobs. However, they can easily get justice if they hire a sexual harassment lawyer Austin because he is well-versed in the state and employment laws. He can take action on your behalf and ensure that you continue working with your dignity. He protects your rights as a human being and as an employee.

What to do if you are sexually harassed in the workplace?

Many employees, especially females prefer staying quiet when they are sexually harassed because they don’t want to disclose their identities. Some of the steps they should take have been elaborated on below: 

Document the incident 

It is strongly recommended to write everything including the name of the abuser, his employee ID, department and designation. It will help management know the person. Apart from this, you should also document the place, time and date when the incident took place along with how the person harassed you. It is a good idea to send emails to your boss, company management and the human resource department. Moreover, if you hire a lawyer, it will be easier for you to explain things to him.

Talk to your seniors in person

You should ask your senior about when you can talk to your seniors in person. This way, you will be able to explain to them that those actions were unwelcome and how you resisted the harassment. If possible, the abuser should also be presented in front of you so that you can speak with him face-to-face. He cannot harass you the next time if you boldly bring this matter up. 

File a lawsuit

The management may try to settle the matter between both parties because they might be afraid of their reputation in the industry. However, you should not stay quiet because the abuser has no limits. He can harass you outside the office. Filing a lawsuit ensures that a lawyer can protect your legal rights in a better manner and guide you at every step. Moreover, he may also get in touch with the abuser on your behalf.

A good lawyer can make a great difference to your case and motivate you to attend your office after making a complaint. 

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