Why Do Smoke Alarms Add A Value In Real Estates?

Why Do Smoke Alarms Add A Value In Real Estates?

The security of everyone’s home must be a priority. Homeowners should consider security, which should be the top consideration when buying a home. It is not only kept for the bad guys but also for possible incidents like fire. What happens to your house when you are not around or only the kids are left without anyone’s supervision? 

Unwanted incidents may happen for no reason or can have a reason, but might let anyone be a victim. The only way to keep this from happening is to put security measures like CCTVs and smoke alarms. As a first-time homebuyer or renter, you must check everything on the property, especially the security system and assurance. Whether you are buying or renting a house, you must look for smoke alarms in rental properties if these are present.

In this way, you are keeping the family from possible fire incidents and to keep everyone safe.

The importance of smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are smoke detectors that can sense smoke that indicates a possible fire. The devices are housed in plastic enclosures shaped like a disk, but the shape and size may vary. Due to the demand for these smoke alarms, these products came out in the market in different visuals. Every manufacturer of smoke alarms creates their style and design, as long as it detects and sends signals or alarms of possible fire when sensed smoke, it is all good.

The importance of smoke alarms secures everyone inside the home. 

Is renting a property with a smoke alarm pricey?

The answer depends on the real estate firm. Some firms add smoke alarms to the rental cost, while others do not. Some include it on the rental package, while others don’t. So, as a renter, before renting a property need a thorough assessment. It helps you secure everything in terms of security.

Benefits of smoke alarm in rental properties

Smoke detectors can detect any presence of smoke, which is an early indicator of fire. So, once smoke alarms are installed in rental properties, it means the property is very safe from possible fire. The very hot climate today made these smoke alarms in rental properties ideal to stay. 

The smoke detector is excellent in raising quick alerts that allow tenants to evacuate quickly and contact emergency services before the fire escalates. Smoke detectors are installed in strategic locations within the rental properties, such as:

  • hallways
  • bedrooms
  • common areas maximizing its effectiveness

Now, if you are planning to rent a property, you can check these common areas if the smoke detector is present. If not, you can request it or install it, just ask the owner of the property. Once you find that the property has no fire alarms, you can say no to it. 

However, most real estate agents today are very cautious when it comes to fire incidents, making them alarmed and decide to install smoke alarms in every property. In this way, the renter feels secure at the same time raising their sales or revenue for the growing number of probable renters.

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