Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Slot Machine Game

Tricks to Win at the Fish Slot Machine

Fish slot machines are an exciting new arcade-style game with interactive gameplay and some huge rewards up for grabs. Join us as we take you on an underwater adventure and turn you into the ultimate fisherman! 

What Are Fish Slot Games?

Fish slot games first appeared in arcades in China and were played on tabletops but have now moved online. 

In a fishy fortune slot, players are submerged under the sea, where all kinds of fish and sharks swim across the map. Your job is to take the cannon and fire at them — the more sea creatures you strike, the more rewards you earn. Like slot machines, fish games feature sea creature symbols whose value and reward potential vary based on their rarity and difficulty of killing. 

How Do You Play Fish Games?

To get started, you first need to select your play level. Every bullet you fire consumes a certain number of coins. For example, if you set your play level at 0.1, shooting ten bullets will incur one coin.

Next, you need to select your weapon — you will often have a few different cannons to choose from, each with a different strength.

The game round will kick off, and the sea creatures will start swimming back and forth across the map. You must aim your cannon at a particular aquatic animal and tap on the screen to fire. Once you’ve made the kill, you’ll earn a reward. Keep shooting and taking out as many sea creatures as possible before the round ends.

How to Win When Playing Fish Slot Machines

Unlike standard slot machines, fish games require skill. Your success will depend on your strategic decision-making and shooting skills. Try these tricks to increase your chances of winning:

  • Use effective shooting methods. Slowly pan your cannon back and forth across the map while firing bullets steadily. The goal is to cover the map with bullets so fish have nowhere to hide and end up slamming into cannon balls.
  • Target low-value fish. There is a massive difference between sea creatures. New fish game players make the mistake of only targeting high-value animals like giant whales and sharks. Unfortunately, they’re very hard to kill, and you’re often left empty-handed. That’s why we like to rack up lots of small wins and target low-value sea creatures that you can kill with one or two bullets.
  • Blast schools of fish. On the underwater map, fish often swim close together and form a big group. Whenever this happens, you should unload as many bullets as possible, as you’ll have a great chance of landing multiple kills simultaneously.
  • Turn on auto-lock. If your shooting skills are a little rusty, you can always enable auto-lock, targeting a specific sea creature and ensuring your bullets don’t go astray.
  • Conserve the number of bullets you use. You need to be economical with your ammo since every shot entails spending coins.

Fish slot machines provide a unique playing experience where your shooting skills dictate the size of your reward. Use our tips and tricks to become a crack shot and hopefully take out a golden whale and an ocean-sized bounty! 

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