The Best Apps to Take Care of Your Plants

The Best Apps to Take Care of Your Plants

Mobile apps for indoor plants remind you when it’s time to feed or water them, and you can determine from photos if everything is okay with the plant. We’ve gathered a list of apps that will come in handy for florists of all backgrounds — beginners and seasoned collectors alike.


This app determines the type of plant by photo and tells you if something is wrong with it, such as lack of light or fertilizer. The number of available plants can be compared to the number of slots at the online casino for real money. There are over 30 thousand plants in the app’s library. There is a water calculator that can calculate the frequency and volume of watering. The AI-based hints function gives detailed advice on plant care and treatment.


See a beautiful flower on a walk but don’t know anything about it? This app recognizes over a million plants every day with 98% accuracy. These results are better than most experts can provide. This app is perfect for parents who want to keep their inquisitive children entertained and safe from contact with poisonous plants.

It also offers answers to gardening questions, one-on-one expert advice, and a unique care guide to help you choose and grow beautiful, healthy plants.

Lux Light Meter Photometer PRO

This app measures light intensity through a sensor on your phone and determines if your plant is getting enough light. You can use the app to measure light brightness in different parts of the room, so you can intelligently arrange your houseplants.


This concise app reminds you when it’s time to water your plants. You can customize the time alerts are sent, as well as the frequency of watering for each plant; they are available in intervals from 12 hours to 20 days.

Greg — Plant Identifier & Care

This app identifies a plant by photo and gives advice on how to care for it: it tells you how to water it, determines the right pot size, and even tells you where to put it in the room. There’s also a kind of social network for app users, where florists can ask for advice or show off their collection.


This app is for those who dream of growing vegetables and herbs at home (in the kitchen or on the balcony). It has information about sowing and harvesting times for different crops, useful tips on care, lighting, watering, and feeding.

Plant Care Reminder

In the app, you can create a card for each plant and set the frequency of watering, feeding, and repotting. The app will then remind you to take care of each plant. The app will also sort your collection by plant type to make it easier to find what you need.

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