How to Stay Productive? Top 6 Tools to Keep Working

How to Stay Productive? Top 6 Tools to Keep Working

More than half of people fail to complete their work tasks on time. The main distractions include news and media articles, social media and messengers, as well as online stores and games at Here are the best smartphone apps and browser extensions to help you focus on your work tasks.


The app turns concentration on tasks into a game. The user is asked to plant and grow a digital tree. As long as the app is open, the tree grows. If the program is shut down before 25 minutes, the tree dies. In the browser version, the tree dies if you open a site from the stop list. The developers have partnered with Trees for the Future, an organization that plants real trees based on user progress.


This app is for those whose tasks involve texts. A minimalist text editor that deletes text if the user is distracted for more than 5 seconds. Before you start working, you need to estimate the time it will take for the task and don’t get distracted until it’s over. Otherwise, the work will go to waste.

Go Fucking Work

This extension for Google Chrome browser motivates the user not to visit websites that distract from work. To do this, you first need to create your own blacklist of sites. Access to them can be blocked permanently or only for working hours. For the second option, you need to specify the schedule of your breaks. After that, if the user decides to go to a forbidden site at an inappropriate time, the program will remind him that you need to return to work.


This generator of background sounds and music helps focus on work. The app contains different sounds, like thunderstorms, wind, sea surf, leaves, train wheels clattering, and white noise. You can combine them with each other to find a sound combination to your liking. The resulting combinations can be saved and played offline, including in an airplane.

Freedom: Focused Screen Time

This app blocks distracting apps or websites for a day or several hours. Blocking can be synchronized on your smartphone and computer to be more effective. The app also has a generator of background sounds to help you concentrate: rustling grass, the sound of rain and splashing water.

Focus To-Do

This app combines a task manager and a timer for counting down the time of work and rest. By default, it’s set to the Pomodoro method — 25 minutes for tasks and 5 minutes of rest, but you can set your own time intervals, such as 40 minutes for tasks and 10 minutes for rest. The app generates reports on completed tasks and time spent on them. It also has a white noise generation function that drowns out extraneous sounds and helps you focus on your work.

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