Six Italian Old Money Brands for the ultra-Wealthy

Six Italian Old Money Brands for the ultra-Wealthy

Have you ever wondered what the world’s richest 0.001% wear? It’s different from what you see in the malls. Forget Gucci and Versace. The real luxury is tailor-made clothes from Italy. They’re exclusive to the ultra-rich. These brands are so unique that they’re in a league of their own, making outfits for billionaires around the globe.

Are you looking to dress like you’re part of that elite group? You’re in the right place. Thanks to insights from, this quick guide introduces you to the ultra-luxury brands loved by the world’s wealthiest. It’s a peek into the fashion that screams old-money elegance and sophistication.

The six brands we are going to talk about in detail are:

  • Zilli
  • Kiton
  • Stefano Ricci
  • Tom Ford
  • Brioni
  • Cesare Attolini

These brands have particular stores worldwide, and if you spend enough at Stefano Ricci, you get into their fancy VIP club. Italian luxury brands are subtle – they don’t show off their logos much, making them “stealth wealth” brands.

These are the top 6 brands for people with a very high net worth. Four of them are Italian, and Zilli is “mezza Italiano” (which means half Italian) – half of their clothes are made in Italy, and half are made in France.

These brands are exclusive. To wear them, you need to have access to the funds to afford them.

Are you looking for a weekend bag from one of these designers? Check out our article on the best luxury designer brands making weekend bags!

With most items costing at least $1000 – you can see how this can add up to upwards of $10,000 for a single outfit.

A great example is Stephen Harvey – The American TV host wearing Kiton suits.

If you watch a selection of his clips on YouTube, you will see that he is wearing a different Kiton suit in each one.

It’s not confirmed to be Kiton, but they look like them! That means the company spends at least $2,000 on Stephen’s suit in each episode!

It is tough to find proof of anyone wearing Kiton, but the following people are known Kiton-enthusiasts:

  • Vladimir Putin
  • Bruno Mars

Kiton and Zilli are top picks for those who love the luxury of old money. Kiton is famous for stylish slacks, like dress pants, but less formal. Are you looking for something more? We’ve got a guide on affordable Italian sartorial brands, too.

Zilli stands out as the only non-Italian brand on our list. Since 1965, they’ve been crafting high-end leather jackets and coats. IsuiT is excited to bring you Zilli’s latest leather jackets, fur coats, and a fresh batch of Zilli Shirts. Crafted in our Lyon workshops, Zilli jackets are a mark of craftsmanship, with some becoming iconic symbols of success. They’re known for their luxury leather goods, including bags made from crocodile and snakeskin.

In 2010, Zilli also revolutionized eyewear with a line of modern and innovative sunglasses and glasses, setting new trends in luxury accessories.


Kiton is a top name in luxury fashion, known for its incredible suits and blazers. Starting in 1968, they’ve become favorites for big names like Vladimir Putin and Bruno Mars. What sets Kiton apart is the unmistakable quality of their fabrics—you can spot a Kiton outfit from a mile away.

They’ve also kept up with the times, making high-quality handmade jeans and exploring new styles and fabrics with their sister companies, KNT and Kired. Kiton even launched a Women’s line, showing they’re constantly evolving.

Most importantly, Kiton is saving the art of hand-stitched suits by training the next generation of tailors. It’s a brand that defines “Old Money” luxury.

Stefano Ricci

Stefano Ricci is a luxury brand famous for its bold fashion, like bright orange crocodile skin belts and caps. They’re all about luxury with a twist, using vivid colors to make their items stand out. They’ve been a family-run business since 1972, known for dressing the ultra-rich. They’ve even found great success in the Asian market. Known for bringing Italian luxury worldwide, they also make super high-quality jeans, but with an $850 price tag, they’re for the elite.

Tom Ford

An American designer, Tom Ford took the fashion world by storm when he became Gucci’s creative director in 1994. Despite feeling unheard, he transformed Gucci into a fashion giant. He did so with his stunning designs and managerial genius. After leaving Gucci, Ford launched his luxury brand. It is famous for its high-end suits and accessories, such as crocodile leather bags. A Tom Ford suit costs around $3,000, making it a choice for the elite. Ford’s journey from Gucci to building his brand showcases his unmatched talent in fashion.


Brioni, the tailor for 007 and the elite has offered luxury suits and overcoats from Rome since 1945. They invented the Trunk Show and ran a tailoring school to keep their art alive. Known for bespoke clothing, Brioni is a symbol of top-notch sartorial elegance.

Cesare Attolini

Cesare Attolini started in 1930s Naples. Vincenzo Attolini founded it. The brand made Italian fashion softer and more stylish than British suits. Known as the father of Italian fashion, the elite and royalty love his comfy and sleek designs. The film “The Great Beauty” featured Attolini suits, showcasing wealth and decadence. The brand is famous for its high-quality suits, blazers, and overcoats. They offer luxury at an average price of $1,000. This is affordable in the luxury world but uncompromising in quality.

Final Thoughts

Six brands stand out in luxury fashion for their unmatched style and quality. Cesare Attolini is known for custom suits, while Tom Ford brings bold new ideas. Kiton offers top-notch tailoring. Stefano Ricci adds a touch of exotic flair. Brioni brings movie-star glam, and Zilli mixes Italian and French elegance. Together, these brands offer the ultimate in luxury. They make a statement with every piece. Wearing these brands is about something other than fashion for those aiming for the highest level of luxury. It’s about leaving a legacy.

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