Car Accidents in Rogers Can Be Dangerous: How Can a Lawyer Help?

Car crashes are never pleasant. They lead to physical wounds, emotional trauma, property damage, and financial losses. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, Arkansas, a few years back witnessed the third-highest increase in dangerous car crashes. Even though the increase in car accidents was visible nationwide, this southern U.S. state had a dramatic rise of 24.9%.

In December 2023, KNWA/KFTA reported that an accident in Rogers, Arkansas had blocked traffic on Interstate 49 close to Walmart AMP. The Arkansas Department of Transportation said that the car crash took place at mile marker 82. The after-effects of the accident had affected the center and left lanes. Further updates about this accident are available on iDrive Arkansas. Apart from this, there are also multi-car crashes in Rogers that cause havoc. 

Regardless of the reason for a car accident in Rogers, it harms drivers and causes damage to their vehicle. The accident victims would want to get compensated for their losses and injuries.

In this article, we will shed light on how a lawyer can help when you’ve faced a car accident in Rogers to obtain both justice and fair compensation.

The Role of a Car Accident Lawyer in Rogers

Nick Chabarria, a spokesperson for AAA, said that the rising car crashes could be attributed to reckless driving. He said that people were guilty of driving without a seatbelt, driving while impaired and distracted, and were also found to be speeding.

Even when you exercise utmost caution, you might encounter an accident on the busy streets of Rogers. Every accident victim is likely to be nervous, which stops them from making the correct judgment in terms of the legal action that is needed. 

Hence, there is a need for guidance from an expert who has experience in managing the legal aspects of compensation for such accidents successfully. It is here that the role of a Rogers car accident lawyer gains relevance.

Are you wondering about how a lawyer can help you? Read the following pointers:

They Provide You Assurance

When faced with a car crash, all you can think about is how to recover your loss. You also wonder about the complexities of the legal system as not all accident cases reach the desired outcome that a plaintiff wants. Here, a car accident lawyer can walk into the situation, ensuring that you stay relaxed and know that your case is in expert hands. They offer you the assurance about receiving the compensation you need and deserve at the right time to cover all the losses.

They Determine if You Are Eligible for a Lawsuit

The chances of you getting legal compensation are only possible if you file a lawsuit. And it is here that a lawyer plays an important role. Keith Law Group states that a lawyer will study and assess your case and will let you know whether you qualify to file a lawsuit. They will listen to you when you visit them for a consultation, ask you the necessary questions, evaluate the facts you’ve stated, and let you know whether the other driver was at fault.

Once you know that you can file a lawsuit, you can follow the guidance they share to receive your compensatory amount on time.

They Use the Correct Evidence

Your legal case is as good as the evidence you have at your end to present in court. No one understands that better than a lawyer. They study the evidence that you share with them, such as:

  • Photographs of the accident scene that depict the damage done
  • The probable cause of the accident
  • Images of the vehicle damage
  • Images of the injuries you’ve suffered
  • Medical bills
  • Witness testimonials

They use the necessary evidence that they feel has the most merit to develop a compelling case, so that the verdict is in your favor.

They Negotiate With an Insurance Agency

If it’s established that the other driver is at fault, your lawyer eventually speaks with their insurance agency representative. Typically, the insurance company will try its best to deny the exact amount that you demand as your compensation by trying to make you feel that you also were at fault.

However, when you let your lawyer communicate with the insurance agency representative, they will deal with the situation tactfully. As a result, they will be successful in drawing the amount that you deserve. 

In conclusion, you can never predict an accident in Rogers. Considering the congested streets and the frequency of crashes so far, you should exercise safe driving practices and follow traffic rules. Despite that, if you face an accident and suffer from severe injuries and car damage, it is necessary to seek legal aid. The above-mentioned ways are how a car injury lawyer will help you and ensure that you get compensated at the correct time.

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