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8 thoughtful gifts to surprise your entrepreneur friend

Your friend just started their entrepreneurship journey, and you’re so delighted. You want to surprise them with something worthwhile but can’t pinpoint things they’ll appreciate the most.

Don’t worry—we have the perfect hand-picked gifts to convey your support and warm wishes!

1. Laptop

One of the most important tools for an entrepreneur is a laptop. Try to pry in about your friend’s existing system. If they use a desktop or tablet, this will be a great update for them. After all, they can also work on a laptop on the go.

If your friend already has a laptop, learn about the model. If it’s pretty old and the latest models have cooler and more useful updates, go for this gift!

However, ensure you know about their preferred OS and stick to the same one.

2. Wireless Mouse

If your friend already has a desktop, they probably have a wired mouse. If they have a laptop, they probably use the laptop trackpad. However, both of these are quite annoying.

In the former, the wire gets caught on other objects or tears. A small trackpad tests patience if tasks need precision, like graphic designing.

So, a great solution is a wireless USB mouse. You can opt for a rechargeable one or get one with changeable batteries. If they often travel for work, they won’t have to worry about their mouse wire getting torn or knotted in the bag!

They can also toggle the mouse between several systems by plugging the USB into the desired system!

3. Digital Business Card

Entrepreneurs must stand out to prospective clients, customers, and investors. They must attend lots of networking events to promote their business and connect. And for that, a business card is a must.

However, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of getting traditional paper business cards. As they share more business cards, they run out and must repeatedly reprint. This only adds up to an entrepreneur’s expenses in the long term and even produces lots of waste.

So, do your friends a huge favor by getting them a digital business card from a reputed business like Mobilocard. With a single tap, they can share much more information with recipients. They can update all information online, and there will be no hassle of reprints!

4. Noise-Cancelling Headphones/Earphones

Co-workers and office noise are said to be some of the top workplace distractions. A report says that 52% of respondents have higher productivity when the office isn’t noisy.

So, noise-cancellation earphones or headphones are a great gift to boost your friend’s productivity. It will help them whether they want to focus on work and cut the noise, have online client meetings, or just want to learn a new business skill online.

Moreover, it will also help them catch some shut-eye on the go after all-nighters!

5. Smart Watch

A smartwatch can help an entrepreneur with instant access to their messages, calls, emails, calendar notes, and other apps. They can stay on top of all updates through a few clicks and respond promptly to business matters.

They won’t miss any notifications or business opportunities even if they are away from their work desk or smartphone.

Moreover, entrepreneurs are so focused on their work that they forget to invest time in their health. A smartwatch will support their fitness goals with fitness-tracking features, such as activity monitoring, workout tracking, and sleep pattern monitoring.

These statistics will help them notice how they must improve their routine and become more productive.

6. Books for Entrepreneurs

If your friend is a bookworm and has just started their business, research the best books on entrepreneurship or learn a particular skill.

Consider a paperback or hardcover book and pair it with a cool book accessory like a bookmark, page holder, or even a book light.

On the other hand, if you are unsure about their exact needs, another option is an audiobook subscription. If possible, invest in a year-long subscription and let them help themselves find the right book!

7. Coffee Maker

This one is for those who often pull all-nighters. Sure, it’s unhealthy, and you’re tired of talking them out of this habit. However, an entrepreneur needs to work hard for the first few years.

So, get them a compact and easy-to-use coffee maker. Additionally, you can pack it with personalized coffee mugs. Print your best wishes and a comment about their all-nighters like, “Wishing the best for your new business… but don’t forget even owls need rest!”

8. Posture Fixing Brace

If they work long hours at the desk, they may suffer from posture issues and back pain. Severe negative effects of poor posture include musculoskeletal pain, spinal misalignment, poor blood circulation, and poor lung capacity.

So, get them a posture-fixing brace and save them from serious ailments!


With any of these gifts, you’ll surely surprise your entrepreneur friend and indirectly support their business. So, don’t wait any longer—pick the best one!

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