YouTube Premium vs. Free Downloaders

YouTube Premium vs. Free Downloaders: Pros and Cons for Mac Users

YouTube is a treasure trove for content consumption. The platform offers a myriad of types of content catering to different audiences. Whether you want to watch music videos, tutorials, stand-up comedy, or cooking shows, you’ll find them all here. But what about offline viewing? Does YouTube allow users to save their favorite videos to watch them offline? 

The answer is yes and no. Offline viewing is easily available to YouTube premium subscribers, but if you are not a premium YouTube user, you will have to either pay for the subscription or explore free downloaders. Before you make your decision, here’s a lowdown of the pros and cons of both. 

YouTube Premium 


  • Ad-free watching experience 

As a premium user, you are entitled to watch ad-free videos on YouTube. Your watching experience won’t be disrupted by intrusive advertisements vying for your attention. So, you can look forward to an enjoyable and smooth experience across devices with uninterrupted access to all your favorite videos. 

  • Download videos for offline viewing 

You no longer have to be constantly connected to the Internet to enjoy watching YouTube videos. With a premium subscription, you can easily download YouTube video to Mac and enjoy the freedom to view them offline when there’s limited connectivity or during flights. Thanks to this freedom to watch anytime, you will be unlocking unprecedented flexibility. 

  • Multitask like a pro 

You can keep the entertainment flowing while juggling several other tasks. YouTube Premium allows for background play. So, while you are doing other tasks on other applications, the video will continue to play in the background. 

  • Get access to the exclusive content library 

With YouTube Premium, you will be unlocking exclusive access to original movies and shows on the platform. Such high-quality content is not available to users using the platform for free. 

  • Unlock family sharing 

You can share your premium subscription with up to five members of your family. This makes it a cost-effective solution to enjoy unlimited videos and other content. 


  • Hefty subscription fee 

The premium subscription comes with a price tag. Users have to pay a monthly fee to enjoy all the perks. While the price is justifiable for heavy users, budget-conscious content consumers find it a deterrent. 

  • Resolution limitations 

Although premium users can download videos for offline viewing, the downloads are capped at 1080p resolution. So, if you want 4K quality, this restriction might be a drawback. 

  • The downloaded videos are not DRM-free

Even after the videos are downloaded, they continue to be tied to the platform. This restricts the flexibility of unrestricted transfer to other devices. If you want to enjoy total control over the downloaded videos, you may have to look for alternative options. 

Free downloaders 


  • Economical 

This is a no-brainer. Free downloaders are perfect for budget-conscious individuals. There’s no subscription fee. 

  • Flexibility of format 

Typically, free downloaders allow users to download content in any format and resolution of their choice. Hence, you have the option to choose high-quality downloads for viewing on larger screens or space-saving formats to store the content on your mobile device. 

  • DRM-free

When you download videos using free downloaders, they are DRM-free. They are not tied to the platform, and you can share the content with others or transfer it to other devices for personal use. 


  • Legal complications 

If you accidentally download copyrighted content using free downloaders, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a legal mess. So, when downloading content, you must always exercise caution to avoid legal repercussions. 

  • Security concerns 

In the world of free downloaders, you have to be aware of the potential dangers that are waiting to steal your confidential data. Some applications might bundle adware or malware. These pose security threats to your Mac and other devices. You must always do your research and select reputed downloaders so your data is protected. 

  • Quality concerns 

When you download for free, there’s the chance of facing inconsistency with the quality of the content. You may encounter content with embedded ads, lower resolutions, or watermarks. This may affect your viewing experience. 

You must carefully check what you are downloading before clicking the Download button. 

  • Offline playback or background playback is not available

Most free downloads lack the functionality of playing the video in the background while you are working on other applications. 

The Bottom Line 

So, these are the pros and cons of using YouTube Premium and free downloaders for downloading content. You must carefully consider all the factors before making a decision. However, the ultimate decision depends on your personal preference, budget, and requirements. 

If paying a monthly subscription fee is not an issue, you can opt to become a YouTube Premium user. But if you want flexibility and view paying a subscription fee as an extra expense, explore free downloaders. 

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