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Who Is Eligible To Adopt A Child In San Antonio, Texas?

Adoption is a beautiful journey that allows couples or singles to bring home one or more children and raise them with love and care. However, the road to a successful adoption in San Antonio, Texas, can be a rollercoaster. With so many complexities to handle, it is easy to become overwhelmed. That is why having the proper legal guidance for your help is essential. 

Whether you are single, a stepparent, or a grandparent, understanding the legalities of the adoption process is crucial. Though the adoption process is the same nationwide, each state has laws. Call an adoption attorney in San Antonio, Texas, today to learn more. 

Texas adoption requirements 

If you are from Texas, the laws will differ depending on the type of adoption you are interested in and the adoption agency you are working with. For example, adopting a foster child differs from adopting someone from another country. Being aware of the laws is essential if you are thinking of adoption. 

Additionally, different agencies have different adoption rules. It is advisable to meet with a few agencies and learn their criteria to understand if you are eligible and whether there are any flexibility requirements. 

The Department of Family and Protective Services has specific requirements for adoption. You can either be single or married and must meet the following:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be mature and responsible
  • Share information about your background and lifestyle
  • Provide references
  • Show proof of marriage and divorce if it applies to you
  • Have a home study completed
  • Agree to criminal background and child abuse checks for all adults in your home.

Moreover, if you are from Texas and want to adopt a child from another state, you must do a criminal background check. These rules are put in place to prevent child trafficking across state lines and to ensure that the adopted children are safe and cared for. 

Is the child required to give consent?

Yes. In Texas, the child’s consent is taken before the adoption is finalized. Additionally, consent should be obtained from the child’s legal guardian or managing conservator. Any child over the age of 12 must give consent unless it is determined that it is not in the child’s best interests. 

What is the waiting period for finalizing an adoption?

There is a waiting period for when a child can be adopted. The child has to live with the petitioner for six months before it is finalized unless the court rules that it is in the child’s best interest. 

Hire an experienced attorney today! 

If you want to adopt, an attorney can significantly make the process smoother. 

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