Diamonds: The most worthy Approval 

Diamonds: The most worthy Approval 

Diamonds are favourites among people and are known to be the most worthy and approved choice. As we know people love to exchange rings as a sign of commitment to each other. Rings are known to be most common during ceremonies like engagements and weddings. Diamonds are a worthy and common choice for couples as a sign of love and prosperity. For centuries, they have been used to exchange during any events that happen between newly wed or engaged couples. There are many choices like gold, silver and metal but most of the time, the most common choice among couples in western countries is diamond. Diamond is known to be the most common choice around the globe. In a research, it was mentioned that the most bought couplet ring choice is diamond and is used to exchange frequently. You can imagine in a billion people, there are like hundreds of them in my least guessed opinion, the exchange rate per day in diamonds is nearly one hundred and above. Now you can imagine how constantly it has been bought and loved by people. In the modern world, we know people buy things and then show them off to their social media. If they are not going anywhere, they still have a chance to show them off by wearing, clicking and then posting them to the public that they can’t even get on any specific event. That’s another topic for the power of social media. Our today’s debate is The Lab Grown Blue Diamonds. We will discuss how and where we can get a blue diamond. 

The Blue Diamond 

Blue diamond has been formed after the chemical reaction in the presence of boron. The amount of boron present at the moment changed the colour of the crystal white diamond into blue. Moreover, there are some other minerals present in the blue diamond despite the presence of boron. It is filled with several precious minerals that make it worthy and rare. They are grown naturally. These types of blue-coloured diamonds are also known by the name of fancy-coloured diamonds. Their crystal system is cubic. The crystal class they are known to possess is hexoctahedral. Their colour varies from light blue to dark blue. 

The Lab Grown Method

As we know, they are so rare and can be found in thousands. So the research took place and it has been confirmed how they have been grown naturally. Later, they created them in labs. The amount of boron present in the box determines the blue colour. From light blue to the dark blue colour, it becomes easy to create a blue colour diamond via lab method by using the same method that is known to happen underground during crystal formation naturally. 

The Worth of the Blue Diamond

The four important elements that are needed to be discussed are noticeable. These four important elements include the colour of the diamond, the  clarity it holds, the perfect cut it has and the weight per carat. The very first known diamond was found in India and it was called Hope. The diamond named as hope and the colour it holds was grey darker blue that makes it more elegant and fancy. The worthy the diamond, the more valuable the clarity it claims and holds. It was said that the blue diamond was once found by a French man who was interested in collecting gems, he called these fancy and rare gems after his name Tavernier. Later it was given to his descendants and the last owner was named Winston who gave it to the museum in Australia where it has been reserved for a life span. These types of diamonds are so rare but they can be grown in labs in perfect environments and conditions. Unlike the rest of the diamonds, they are worthy but most likely the rest of the lab gowns diamonds they lost their worth once they have been sold they can’t be sold at the same price again. But still up to the date, they are catchy to the people’s eyes and bought as a sign of wealth. It’s not the waste if money if one is willing to buy this. 

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