David Sacks Net Worth

David Sacks Net Worth 2024 – How rich is he now?

NameDavid Sacks
Age52 years old
Date of birth25 May 1972
Birth placeCape Town, South Africa
CountrySouth Africa
Father’s NameNA
Mother’s NameNA
Height6 feet 1 inch
weight82 kg
Skin colorWhite
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Marital statusMarried
WifeJacqueline Tortorice (m. 2007)
ChildrenThree children (Two daughters, one son)
EducationMemphis University School,
Stanford University 1990–1994,
The University of Chicago
ProfessionTech entrepreneur, Investor, Author
Religion Jewish
Net worth$1 billion

Who is David Sacks?

David Sacks is an American businessman, entrepreneur, investor, and author who has achieved success in the business world. David Sacks is best known for his involvement with PayPal, Yammer, and Craft Ventures. He served as the CEO of PayPal. He is the founder of Geni.com and Yammer.

Sacks has also invested in major companies like Facebook, Uber, and Airbnb. Currently, David Sacks is the founder and CEO of Craft Ventures, a venture capital firm founded in 2017 to invest in early-stage technology. We will go over David Sacks net worth, career, achievements, relationships, biography, and much more in this article.

David Sacks Net Worth

As of 2024, David Sacks net worth is estimated at around $1 billion. Sacks has provided promising startups in the tech industry. He was the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of Paypal, one of the world’s leading online payment platforms. He has also founded and co-founded numerous businesses, including Geni.com, Yammer, Craft Ventures, and many others. David Sacks’ net worth is primarily attributed to his successful career in the technology and entrepreneurship field, as well as these promising startups.

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David Sacks Biography

Early Life:

David Oliver Sacks, known as David Sacks, was born on May 25, 1972, in Capetown, South Africa. He moved to Tennessee, United States, at the age of just five years. His father was an endocrinologist, and he had no desire to follow in his father’s footsteps; instead, his grandfather’s candy factory inspired him.


Sacks began his college studies at Memphis University School. Later, he transferred to Standford University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1994. After four years, he received a Doctor of Law degree from the University of Chicago.


David Sacks’ family life is kept relatively private. He has kept information about his private life hidden from the public. Therefore, his family and personal relationships are not as extensively documented as his professional career.


In 2007, David Sacks got married to Jacqueline Tortorice. They have two children, but their names are not known publicly.

david sacks wife
David sacks wife

Age, Height, and Weight:

David Sacks was born on May 25, 1972, in Capetown, South Africa, and is currently 52 years old. He is 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 82 kg.


David Sacks’s career has been distinguished by his contributions to several innovative tech companies; his journey is evidence of his leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.

David Sacks Paypal:

David Sacks joined Paypal as its first chief operating officer (COO) in 1999. It was at Paypal that he met Elon Musk, with whom he became close friends and has remained friends ever since.

They are the faces of the Paypal Mafia, a group made up of former founders and employees of the company.

Sacks was a valuable asset to PayPal, overseeing the establishment and growth of critical departments such as sales and marketing, customer service, and human resources. Within three years, he assisted in increasing the company’s annual revenue to more than $200 million! In 2002, eBay paid $1.5 billion to acquire it.

Paypal is currently one of the leading online payment platforms in the world.

David Sacks Yammer:

David sack yammer
David sack yammer

In 2008, David Sacks co-founded Yammer with his partner, Adam Pisoni. Through a social media-like interface, Yammer enables organizations to foster employee communication and collaboration. It was and still is the fastest-growing SaaS in history. Microsoft acquired it for $1.2 billion in 2012. Since then, Yammer has been a part of the Microsoft 365 family of products.

David Sacks Zenefits:

Following his success in Yammer, Sacks became CEO of Zenefits, a company that provides human resources software and services. He was brought into the company in 2014 when it was in crisis, and he used his experience to stabilize it. His tenure at Zenefits was marred by regulatory issues, which led to his resignation in 2016.

David Sacks Craft Ventures:

Craft Ventures, a San Francisco-based venture capital firm that makes early-stage venture investments, was co-founded in 2017 by David Sacks.

He has been an active angel investor in a number of tech startups and has a keen eye for discovering promising new ventures. As of October 2023, the company’s total assets are worth $850 million.

David Sacks Elon Musk

David Sack is one of the close friends of Elon Musk, and he was one of the first investors in Tesla. He served on Tesla’s board of directors from 2004 to 2008. They are both members of the Paypal mafia.  

David Sacks Documentary Video

David Sacks Social Media Accounts


David Sacks, a prominent tech entrepreneur, has earned an estimated net worth of $1 billion through his impactful career. From his pivotal role at PayPal to co-founding successful ventures like Yammer and Geni.com, Sacks has consistently proven his leadership and entrepreneurial expertise.

His current role as the CEO of Craft Ventures, a prominent venture capital firm with $850 million in assets, increases his influence in the tech industry. Sacks’s close association with Elon Musk and early investments in Tesla further exemplify his industry insight.

$1 Billion

David Sacks is a close friend of Elon Musk and was one of the first investors in Tesla. He served on Tesla’s board of directors from 2004 to 2008.

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